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See below for information and resources related to using the software.

ExOrdo Support

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Using ExOrdo to Submit an Abstract and Register

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You will be prompted to create an account and profile before you can submit and register. You may use the same user name and password each time you log into ExOrdo to complete conference functions.

How to RSVP your abstract.

The RSVP confirms that you accept your place in the program and format of your presentation.The RSVP is your commitment to attend and ensures your place in the program. SES WILL NOT GUARANTEE A SPOT IN THE CONFERENCE FOR AUTHORS WHO DO NOT RSVP. AUTHORS MUST ALSO COMPLETE A REGISTRATION TO RESERVE THEIR SPOT IN THE PROGRAM.

FAQ: How to RSVP?
RSVP with ExOrdo. Learn more with these instructions.

FAQ: Our team does not  yet know who will be the presenting author. What should we do about the RSVP?
RSVP with your ideal presenting author and change it later, if necessary. Click here for a guide on updating RSVPs. For information about changing authors, see the next point about editing your submission.

FAQ: The list of authors on my abstract has changed, or I would like to send someone else as the Presenting Author on my abstract. How do I update the authors?
You may edit your author list, even on an accepted abstract. See ExOrdo’s article on “Final Submissions.” We would like the final list of authors and presenters by September 3rd.

How to check the status of your submission

How to edit and finalize your submission for the program

Access the “Final Submissions” card on your ExOrdo conference account dashboard. “See ExOrdo’s article on “Final Submissions.”