Thank you for agreeing to serve as a session chairperson during the Society for Engineering Science meeting. Session chairs play an important role in ensuring that the conference runs on schedule, and by facilitating discussion after each talk. We have included a set of guidelines below to help you prepare for your session(s).

On the day of your session:

Please check the most up-to-date information about presentations in your session either via the conference web app, or the online program at

Just before your session:

Please arrive in the room of your session at least 10 minutes before the session starts, learn how to pronounce the names of the presenters in your session, and remind the presenters of their time limits:

  • Keynote Talk
    30 minutes total = 25 minutes (presentation) + 5 minutes (Q&A)
  • Oral Talk
    15 minutes total = 12 minutes (presentation + 3 minutes (Q&A)

During your session:

  • It is very important to start and finish each session on time as posted in the program.
  • If a presenter cannot present or does not show up to the session, please stay on schedule rather than shifting talks ahead. Please feel free to start a discussion in the extra time.
  • In case of technical problems, please refer to the instruction card in each room. If the problem cannot be resolved, please locate a volunteer, or call the support line provided on the instruction card.

After each talk, please direct the Q&A period, and please:

  • Acknowledge questions from the audience before asking your own.
  • Limit the number of questions if needed to stay on time.
  • Ask each participant to introduce him-or herself and to speak slowly. If necessary, repeat or paraphrase the question or the answer for the audience.
  • Allow no more than one question and one follow-on clarification from each participant.
  • Prepare some possible questions for the presenters in case no questions arise from the audience.