Flow and transport in porous media


Jing Fan, City College of New York

Deng Wen, Missouri University of Science and Technology


Fluid flow and transport in porous media is ubiquitous in many natural and industrial processes. Examples include, but are not limited to, the multiphase flow in oil recovery, subsurface water flow and solute transport, gas or aqueous vanadium redox species flow through porous electrodes in fuel cells, and interstitial flow in biological tissues. The symposium will highlight theoretical, numerical, and experimental research targeted on understanding transport phenomena in porous media, and elucidating processes across scales. The following sessions are proposed spanning a wide range of porous media research:

  • Transport and mechanics in fractured porous media
  • Microbially induced mineral precipitation and biofilms in porous media
  • Physics of multi-phase flow in porous media
  • Mathematical and numerical methods for multi-scale multi-phase modeling of transport phenomena in porous media
  • Advances in imaging porous media
  • Advances in experimental model systems of micro- and nano-porous media