Advances in micromechanics of materials


Igor Sevostianov, New Mexico State University

Andrei Cherkaev, University of Utah

The mini-symposium will cover the state-of-the-art recently achieved in various aspects of general and applied micromechanics of materials. The topics include but not limited by (1) Microstructure-properties relations: expression of various macroscopic physical properties (elastic, conductive, transport, etc) in terms of microstructural parameters; recovery of information on microstructure from the effective elastic/conductive constants; (2) Quantitative characterization of microstructures; identification of proper microstructural parameters for characterization of inhomogeneous materials; (3) Cross-property connections between different physical properties of heterogeneous materials; (4) Application of methods of micromechanics to various problems in material science, geophysics, biomechanics etc.