Presentation Lengths

Please check your conference account and the program for your presentation type and time length. Standard presentation times are as follows:

  • Keynote Talk
    30 minutes (25 minutes presentation + 5 minutes Q&A)
  • Oral Talks (Invited and Accepted)
    15 minutes (12 minutes presentation + 3 minutes Q&A)

Session chairs will stop presentations after the allotted time has passed. Please prepare your presentation to fit the assigned time.

Other Information

  • Please email your presentation by October 9th to This will allow us to test and troubleshoot your presentation before your arrival.
  • All presentations must be prepared and delivered in English.
  • Please be present at least 10 minutes prior to the start of your session and let the session chair know you are there.
  • Please make sure to attend your entire session to ensure a smooth structure to the session and to allow for any questions and answers.
  • A computer will be available in the space for your use. We recommend that you bring a flash drive with your presentation for upload to the room computer.
    • Please note that if we do not receive your presentation in advance and/or you plan to use your own laptop, we cannot guarantee the quality of presentation on our system. Troubleshooting at the conference will be peformed by amateur volunteer staff.
  • Your Supplies:
    Bring your presentation on a USB flash drive.
    We allow the use of personal laptops for presentations.
    • If you have a Mac, you must bring your own dongle and adapters.
  • Power Point Slides:
    The Conference has not supplied a standard template slide design.
    • The preferred Power Point screen size for the presentation space is 16:9. 
  • Abstracts only will be published on the conference program website.
    • For information about limiting access to your abstract, please email
  • Conference organizers will NOT keep or maintain a copy of your presentation or paper.