Multiscale and multiphysics computations in geomechanics


Kane Bennett, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Hari Viswanathan, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Joe Morris, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Esteban Rougier, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Chenglin Wu, Missouri University of Science & Technology


Geophysical systems are multiscale and multiphysical in nature because the geomaterials that comprise them are multiphase porous materials whose macroscopic mechanical and dynamical behavior is governed by properties that pertain, broadly speaking, to smaller scales. Predictive modeling response of geomaterials within geophysical systems therefore often involves several simultaneous processes occurring at different length and time scales, requiring novel constitutive and numerical modeling approaches. This symposium provides a forum to present and discuss approaches for bridging scales and physical processes of interest for geoscience and engineering applications. Topics within the scope of interest include but are not limited to: (i) multiscale numerical methods (e.g., FE2, combining MD, MPM, DEM, FEM, FDEM, etc.), (ii) development and validation of constitutive models that address multiphysical and/or multiscale coupling, (iii) techniques to model crack growth and fragmentation processes in geomaterials, (iv) discrete and continuum formulations for geomechanics and geodynamics problems, (v) data-driven modeling techniques for geomaterials and/or geosystems, (vi) statistical approaches for geomaterial scale-bridging techniques, (vii) experimental efforts related to method developments.