Regularized models of fracture for hard and soft solids


Blaise Bourdin, Louisiana State University

Oscar Lopez-Pamies, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign


Variational phase-field models of fracture have gained tremendous attention in the past decade in both the physics and the engineering communities, thanks to their remarkable ability to handle arbitrarily complex fracture phenomena including multi-field settings in two and three dimensions.

This minisymposium welcomes contributions on phase-field or other regularized models of fracture (including brittle, cohesive, and ductile fracture) in hard – such as ceramics, glasses, and metals – and soft solids – such as elastomers, hydrogels, and biological tissues. Research results on basic aspects of regularized formulations, their numerical implementation, as well as extensions to novel and/or more complex settings and relevant applications are all welcome. Contributions with a strong experimental component are also welcome.