Vascular biomechanics in development and disease


Craig Goergen, Purdue University

Jay Humphrey, Yale University

Vitaliy Rayz, Purdue University

Jessica Wagenseil, Washington University in St. Louis


This multi-session symposium will present recent research on solid and fluid vascular mechanics in development and disease. A keynote speaker will provide biological background for the field. Additional speakers will focus on current experimental and computational engineering research aimed at understanding how mechanical forces interact with multi-scale material properties of the arterial wall and contribute to normal or pathologic cardiovascular function. Specific topics will include tissue- and cell-level experimental mechanics, imaging, and solid and fluid computational modeling with applications to arterial development and aortopathies such as aneurysms and stenoses. We will bring together experts in radiology, biomechanics, computational modeling, and vascular disease with hopes of spurring discussion and multi-disciplinary collaborations

Three sessions are tentatively planned that will be divided by approach (experimental versus computational), scale (cell versus tissue), application (development versus disease), and/or organism (animal models versus humans) depending on the final speaker list, speaker availability, and submitted abstracts.