MoMS Posters: Whitaker & Brauer Halls

Session 1, 6:00 – 7:10 pm

Poster NumberLead PresenterTitle
101Aifantis, KaterinaCapturing fracture in Si/polymer anodes of Li-ion batteries
102An, QiEnhanced Mechanical Properties of Boron Carbide through Grain Boundary Engineering
103Hoover, ChristianNew Insights into the Indentation Size Effect in Silicate Glasses
104Lee, Jae-HwangExtreme mechanical deformation of nanostructured block-polymer microspheres
105Lopez-Pamies, OscarThe poker-chip experiments of Gent and Lindley (1959) explained
106Nadimpalli, SivaMechanics of Energy Storage Materials
107Oswald, JayThree body coarse-grained potentials of polyethylene developed by iterative Boltzmann inversion
108Siegmund, ThomasMechanics of Topologically Interlocked Stereotomic Material Systems
109Tabarraei, AlirezaStress corrosion cracking of graphene
110van der Zande, ArendInterfacial Slip and Dissipation in Superlubric 2D Nanoelectromechanical Systems
111Xiong, LimingCoarse-grained Atomistic Measurement of the Cohesive Strength of the Grain Boundary in Ice and its Adhesive Strength to the Cold Surfaces of Graphite
112Zhang, TengLattice models for elastic solids
113Yenusah, CalebInvestigation of Precipitation of γ” in Inconel 625 at Non-Equilibrium Thermal Conditions during Additive Manufacturing
114Chasiotis, IoannisAdhesion at Fiber-to-Fiber Nanoscale Contacts under Normal and Sliding Forces
115Levitas, ValeryPhase Transformations Si I↔Si II: Sinergy of First Principle, Molecular Dynamics, and Phase Field Approaches
116Li, YingUnderstanding the Self-healing of Reversible Polymer Networks through Coarse-grained Molecular Dynamic Simulation
117Yang, WenhuaMicrostructural Effects on the Effective Piezoelectric Responses of Additively Manufactured Triply Periodic Co-Continuous Piezocomposite
118Zhang, XinghangHelium irradiation induced ultra-high strength nanotwinned Cu with nanovoids
119Royston, ThomasTransformation Elastography: Distorting Anisotropy to get Isotropy
120Shakiba, MaryamMulti-physics modeling of time-dependent materials
121Spearot, DouglasShockwave Propagation and Dynamic Fracture of Hydrogels via Integrated Computational and Experimental Studies (CMMI #1634188)
122Notbohm, JacobHeterogeneity and length-scale dependence of fibrous materials
123Pham, JonathanMechanical characterization of soft elastomers for small scale friction and adhesion
124Chester, ShawnExperiments and modeling the viscoelastic behavior of polymeric gels
125Dunn, AlisonDoes diffusion describe creep relaxation in light-pressure polyacrylamide contacts?
126Hutchens, ShelbyA phyto-inspired, osmosis-mediated, dynamic soft composite

Session 2, 7:20 – 8:30 pm

Poster NumberLead PresenterTitle
127Akono, Ange-ThereseInfluence of Structural Disorder on Strength Response of Polysialate Composites
128Bauchy, MathieuFracture Mechanics of Phase-Separated Glasses by Peridynamic Simulations
129Cao, LeiPhase-field modelling of deformation and failure
130Chen, YoupingTemperature in coarse grained atomistic simulation
131Hartl, DarrenSynergistic Modeling, Characterization, and Design of Embedded Phase Transforming Sensory Particles
132Karanjgaok, NikhilInvestigation of drag effects in liquid-immersed granular media
133Di Leo, ClaudioModeling nano-architected electrodes with elastic instabilities: The role of buckling on electrochemical performance.
134Lew, AdrianComputing Stress Intensity Factors Along the Front of a Three-Dimensional Crack on Unstructured Meshes
135Misra, AnilNon-classical Micromorphic Continuum Model for Granular Microstructure Design
136Ni, BoTopological toughening of graphene and other 2D materials
137Nouh, MostafaRealization of a Non-reciprocal Metamaterial by Geometric Time-modulation
138Schwarz, UdoUnraveling the fundamental mechanisms of nanoscale deformation in  bulk metallic glasses
139Shankar, M. RaviTorque-Dense Photomechanical Actuation
140Silberstein, MeredithSynthesis and Characterization of Mechanochromic Polycarbonate
141Sun, WaiChingA non-cooperative game approach for multiscale predictive material modeling in knowledge multi-graphs and polytrees
142Truster, TimothyMulti-Resolution Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Linear Elasticity
143Xia, ZhenhaiHighly Switchable Adhesion of N-Doped Graphene Interfaces for Robust Micromanipulation
144Xu, BaoxingTransfer Printing of Thin Films in a Liquid Environment: Chemomechanics Theory, Computational Implementation, and Experimental Validation
145Yin, JieMechanics of Extreme Buckling Driven Delamination in Thin Films
146Zhao, KejieBridging Mechanics and Electrochemistry: Theories and Experiments on Battery Materials
147Zhu, YongIn situ nano-thermo-mechanical experiment reveals brittle to ductile transition in silicon nanowires
148Chester, ShawnPhoto-degradation of polymeric materials
149Hutchens, ShelbyCutting-Driven Fracture and Fracture-Relevant Microstructural Length Scales in Soft Elastomers
150Long, RongMapping three-dimensional micromechanics between micro-pillars and soft gel substrates
151Park, HaroldNatural Curvature and Soft Shells:  Shape Shifting through Mechanical Instabilities
152Picu, CatalinMechanics of Nanofiber Networks with Adhesion