Presentation Lengths

The standard time provided for each presentation varies according to the presentation type. Please check your conference account and the program for your presentation type.
Authors are asked to follow these presentation times:

  • Plenary Lecture
    60 minutes
  • Keynote Talk
    30 minutes (25 minutes presentation + 5 minutes Q&A)
  • Oral Talks (Invited and Accepted)
    15 minutes (12 minutes presentation + 3 minutes Q&A)

Session chairs will stop presentations after the allotted time has passed. Please prepare your presentation to fit the assigned time.

Other Information

  • All presentations must be prepared and delivered in English.
  • Please be present at least 10 minutes prior to the start of your session and let the session chair know you are there.
  • Please make sure to attend your entire session to ensure a smooth structure to the session and to allow for any questions and answers.
  • A computer will be available in the space for your use. We recommend that you bring a flash drive with your presentation for upload to the room computer.
  • Your Supplies:
    Bring your presentation on a USB flash drive.
    We allow the use of personal laptops for presentations.
    • If you have a Mac, you must bring your own dongle and adapters.
    • Laser pointers and slide advancers will NOT be provided.
  • Power Point Slides:
    The Conference has not supplied a standard template slide design.
    • You do NOT need to submit your Power Point slides to organizers before your session. However, please bring the presentation on a flash drive.
    • The preferred Power Point screen size for the presentation space is 16:9. 
  • In case of technical problems, please refer to the instruction card in each room. If the problem cannot be resolved, please locate a volunteer, or call the support line provided on the instruction card.
  • Abstracts only will be published on the conference website and mobile app.
    • For information about limiting access to your abstract, email us at
  • Conference organizers will NOT keep or maintain a copy of your presentation or paper.