Mechanics of multifunctional materials for sensing, actuation, adaptation and remodeling


Caterina Lamuta, University of Iowa

Sameh Tawfick, University of Illionis at Urbana-Champaign


Multifunctional materials, structures, and systems provide superior performance by combining structural load bearing with other functional properties. This symposium will focus on the mechanics and structure-property relations of multifunctional materials and innovative future concepts. The symposium will highlight the multidisciplinary nature of this exciting field and the synergy among engineering, material science, chemistry and biology. A broad range of topics are welcome, including but not limited to: morphing materials and structures, materials having microvascular networks, embedded sensors, self-healing materials, adaptive material systems, bioinspired manufacturing, embedded electromagnetic devices, flexible sensors, structural and deformable batteries, and multifunctional composites and textiles. Topics will include theoretical, computational, and experimental approaches to design, understand, and tailor the mechanical performance of multifunctional materials at different length scales. The symposium will gather the research community working in the field of multifunctional materials to share results and discuss recent advances, trends, and challenges encountered in this research area.