Controlling mechanical waves with metamaterials


Ramathasan Thevamaran, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Katie Matlack, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Dennis Kochmann, ETH Zurich


The focus of this symposium is on the control of mechanical waves and vibrations using phononic crystals and metamaterials–advanced synthetic materials that are deliberately designed with specific geometry and constituent materials to provide a desired bulk functionality. The topics covered will include acoustic and ultrasonic bandgap materials, wave guides and filters, nonlinear dynamic metamaterials and structures, instability-induced switching behavior, non-reciprocal and directional wave transport, and non-Hermitian and Parity-Time symmetric materials. Submissions focusing on the control of mechanical waves using multi-physics couplings such as electro- and magneto-mechanical couplings and chemically-induced transformations are also encouraged. The symposium will bring together experimental, theoretical and computational research in this emerging area to articulate new ideas and collaborations. We aim to provide a platform that enables the participants to advance current understanding of the control of mechanical waves and vibrations by manipulating the underlying structural features and their organization into a metamaterial in a well-informed and predictable manner.