Functional soft composites – Design, mechanics, and manufacturing


Ruike Zhao, The Ohio State University

Teng Zhang, Syracuse University

Nikolaos Bouklas, Cornell University

Lifeng Wang, Stony Brook University

Alok Sutradhar, The Ohio State University


Functional soft composite materials are recently becoming an emerging field in scientific research and engineering innovation that is distinct from traditional materials and composites, due to their unprecedented potential of large deformation, property tuning, shape changing, and self-adaptivity. By integrating soft matrix with functional ingredients such as stimuli-responsive particles and mechanophores, soft composites could enable advanced material and structural systems with multifunctionalities in the field of soft actuator, soft robotics, flexible electronics, and biomedical engineering.

The development of functional soft composites synergistically integrates design, mechanics, and manufacturing. This symposium will represent the emerging and recent advances in soft composite materials with a focus on the design concept, design method, modeling, simulation, and fabrication, as well as their novel engineering applications across a wide range of engineering fields. Specific topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Design concept and methodology of soft composites with novel properties and functionalities
  • Constitutive modeling of soft composite material behavior
  • Advanced manufacturing of soft composites
  • Multiphysics coupling of soft composites and their applications
  • Stimuli-responsive soft composites and their applications