Mechanics of electrochemically active materials


Claudio Di Leo, Georgia Institute of Technology

Matt Pharr, Texas A&M

Xia Shuman, Georgia Institute of Technology

Siva Nadimpalli, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Kejie Zhao, Purdue University


Mechanics is one of the key factors affecting the performance of a broad range of electrochemically active materials including thermoelectrics, catalytic materials, and batteries to name a few. This importance has become even more pronounced with the advent of novel next generation energy production, conversion and storage technologies such as all solid state lithium ion batteries and high capacity electrodes. This symposium will bring together experts from diverse communities including material science, mechanics, and chemistry to review current state of the art technologies and discuss open research questions and grand challenges in mechanics of electrochemically active materials. Experimental, theoretical, and computational contributions will be encouraged and highlighted through invited talks in order to accelerate advances in our fundamental understanding of these complex materials.